Storytelling IRL and Yay Show: 5-minutes!

Hey y’all,

I first wrote this post because I was stoked to be participating in an Open Mic Storytelling as part of @thehivery Hivery Circle pm Tuesday November 13th from 7 - 9 pm. Indeed, I did it. It was a storytelling safe space for the nine other women and me! And the listeners and friends and people holding space for us. Thank you Grace and everyone at The Hivery for making this happen and inviting awesome!

There were a lot of heartwrenching, heartbreaking stories and mine was definitely not one of them, rather, a very short Philadephia story about the gift of Becoming (who doesn’t want that, right Michelle Obama?). I’ll post one or two of my practice sessions here soon.

The Hivery event inspired me to do mini Yay Shows of 5-minutes each both for the practice and the constraint. Short jaunts. Small missives. Little bits of Yay.

Scroll down below the pics. Listen to one or two as an amuse bouche or string them together for a multi-course extravaganza. Or come back whenever!


Yay Storytelling!


3 Storytellers

Marlene, Denise and me