Yay Show 105: Fields, Rainbows And New Years Offerings to Ponder On The Yay Road

Happy New Year! Happy New Yay! Clappy New Year! It’s January 2nd, wow!

The Yay Show is back and so am I. Welcome and Yay! Hope you had a supremely rad or relaxing or reflective or not-to-bumpy holiday break/celebration/vacation.

One takeaway from listening to myself on this particular Yay Show:
If you’re open to not knowing, you might just find your way to knowing.
If you think you know, you might close yourself off from the possibilities of knowing.

Let’s ride the rainbow together. The gold (and all the colors) are all along the way. The year and day are arbitrary. The in betweens are where it all happens!

Links and Peeps:

Jonathan Fields and Success Scaffolding whatever that is, which he talks about on this podcast episode that I have not yet listened to yet am curious about.

Sarah Knight, the Queen of No F*cks Given.

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Applied Storytelling (if the past year could speak)

Lisa Clapper