Yay Show Episode 86: Listening for insights (they could be anywhere)

On November 2, 2018, I went low on the stoop after mind-blowing meditations about attending to awareness and remembered a story from The Philadelphia School about how your favorite course could be the one where you learn how you like to learn.

One way I find an insight: I look for the uniquely articulate people uniquely articulating interesting things. And then I look for more in the surround sound of the experience of the understanding.

And another way I find insights (and other good stuff) is by not getting too caught up in the how when the what and why are paramount, especially when you’re charged with articulating a vision for what kind of clock you want (metaphorically).

(and kudos to all the how people out there). Because they shine their own super important kind of light on the world. And it would not run without them.

Much more #outloud on this Episode. NamsYay!

Lisa Clapper