Yay Show Episode 85: Essentialist angst mixed with ?s, insights and yay on the number one day in November

FriYay November 1, 2018 This episode covers a lot of ground on a meandering mission/potrero walk.

November is definitely the new October. Oh my!

Chasing sunshine on the fly and asking questions in different ways (plus more on the clock metaphor in Episode 86)

Essentialism…again and again.

And how you can’t judge books and renovated houses in the mission by their covers. Made me think and talk about not making assumptions (Don Miguel Ruiz talking about agreement 3 with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday a couple of years back).

And I also talked about how on the path of life and the road to insights and activating, exploring is essential to help discern what needs eliminating before you can get to executing. And it might mean asking questions and saying “Wait, what,” and/or “What if?” while Share-imenting* with an expert friend,. Why? So I can contribute at my highest level. Which some people call procrastinating, but I call thinking or reframing or getting more of the essential information if there are a lot of lingering questions.

Oh, and letting go of Expired Insecurities via #Shinetext.

And how the quality of questioning as a strategist makes me a better storyteller and writer, even as it leads me to question myself when I’m not super busy with immersive paid work that lights me up and makes me and my clients come alive.

In the midst of trying to be aware of and remember I might just (still 1 week later as I relisten to this) be in the trough of the in between at the end of a 3-month energy cycle. And listening to it makes me feel better.

Where are you on your energy cycles? I’d love to know!

*Share-imenting: experimenting while sharing (out loud or otherwise).

Lisa Clapper