Yay Show Episode 84: What did I learn and What am I going to do next?

On the eve of Halloween (10/30/18)

What did I learn?

That sometimes people just want design and they just might want storytelling and clarity down the road. That I don’t want to run an agency. That it’s important to understand if it’s my work to do or if I need to hand it off to a designer before I expend to much energy on something. To trust my gut.

That I want to do more work with women entrepreneurs doing and launching good in the world, namely wine and food and healthy pursuits and cannabis and music and rad experiences. To help people bring those things to life yayfully expressively — whether they’re creating something new or anew or shifting or seeking newfound clarity and connection along the way (down that road).

What am I going to do next?

Not do the proposal before we meet in person. Always ask “what’s changed since we last talked.” Explore more options and ask more questions. Keep communicating and understanding needs and wants. Vet each other for vibe and style and substance. Right size the energy while showing up and being present. Anchor high first! Explore how to do more of the work I want to do! then Eliminate, then Execute with all kinds of strategic radocity!

I learned the framework: What did I learn? What am I going to do next? from Lauren Schiller who has an amazing podcast called Inflection Point How Women Rise Up, which you can listen to on Apple podcasts or wherever you get them, that very website linked above or KALW.

Also, I was just about to listen to Lauren’s podcast on the site and she mentioned if we listen on Radio Public (ios and android app), she will get paid! And I’m going to do that. And you can too. And, one day, I’m going to get paid to do this, too. Yay!

Lisa Clapper