Yay Show Episode 82: Psychological and Cognitive Diversity

Inspired by Ali, whose nametag passion at Ladies Who Launch San Francisco 2018 was “Psychological and Cognitive Diversity.” So, of course, I walked right up (while she was waiting to speak to a speaker) and talked to her about it. So interesting! And then I talked out loud about it. To you. And the universe. For less than 13 minutes :)

And I talked about Strengths Finder and Meyer-Briggs and Business Chemistry and Oren Jay Sofer who I get guided in meditation by on the 10% Happier app.

On an unrelated to the episode above note, while I was listening to the end of World Cafe with Kaleo in for Talia I heard this fresh new version of Before the Next Teardrop Falls by Al Green (His First New Recording In Nearly A Decade), thanks Ann Powers, Matt Ross-Spang and Amazon Music’s Produced By series (I can’t share the other 3 songs with you because I don’t have Amazon Unlimited music). Al Green sounded so classic, so good, so green (al). And it’s only on Amazon, so if you’re a Prime Unlimited person you can get more Amazon produced stuff than just this.

Enjoy Al who I found circuitously through Ali.

NamasYay and Happy Friday/Weekend/Whatever Day it is for You/Daylight Savings Waning/Love Waxing!


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Lisa Clapper