Who indeed?

What better name for the queen of Yay than Lisa Clapper?

I started the Yay Collective in the middle of 2017 with Frances from The Philadelphia School as client/champion/collaborator
/friendspert. Remind me to tell you that story over coffee or wine.

I’ve honed my craft and stoked my yay over two and a half decades or so of seeing possibilities and articulating brand expressions in, out and all around a ridiculously diverse set
of brands, buildings and organizations. And all kinds of fascinating people.

I still do a variety of strategy and storytelling consulting within and as part of a number of collectives, consortiums, agencies and like-minded cohorts like Great Mondays, RecSF and Applied Storytelling.

I’ve been honored to create strategies and stories for women like Tyra Banks for her beauty line. The globally-inspired kids clothing company Tea Collection. The retro positive fashion community of Modcloth. The fabletic active wear of Fabletics. The soon to be launched game-changing marketing agency that connects technology and Fortune 1000 companies to Silicon Valley's top marketers Traction Hero, where Great Takes Character. I wrote this playful and intentional Why Us for the playosophers of Gymboree Play and Music. Laurie B. Photography is how I’m seen as myself all over this website. Be yourself.
Be seen.
I met Rainey at the intersection of rigor, woo woo, purpose and play, where we cleared the ice to articulating her new wellness by design venture, Figure 8 Studio. And Jen Maxwell is creating a vintage-inspired sweater vest line. Get ready to
Take your sleeves off in Fall of 2019.

If you can imagine such a thing, I’ve got a lot more I can say and write and share. And a conversation of one sort or another is a great way to get to know each other. You can also listen to me on The Yay Show, which is a whole lot like a conversation.

What’s the Collective all about?

It’s a vibe. A state of mind. A state of being.
A connection to something bigger than each of us and at once inclusive of all of us.
You are already in it. 

It’s all the people on your particular road of yay. It’s you.
It’s friendsperts who can take you different places.
To foster awesome humans and teams and humans on teams). With a little coaching.
To help you be seen through photography. Or film. Brought to life via a Squarespace website.
Shined through design and concepting. Thought through playfully as an experience.
Marketed with aplomb. Hashtagged and launched.
Advised. Funded. Found. Friended.

The Yay Collective does not aspire to be an ad or branding agency.
Or manage or direct people or stuff. It does not require tribal markings.
Or ask for validation. Or initiation rituals.
It’s clear and free and far far from hive minds and queen bees. 

Rather, it’s an open invitation to elevation.
Inside a virtuous circle of soul sisters and spirit-level connections.
Waking up and saying Yay. In the here and now of today.

A Collective of Ongoing Yay