Understand —
Immerse, Question,
Conversate —Clarify

  1. The work and play of letting your Yay out happens in the YayStorm.

    It’s where we get it all out on the table. What lights you up? What breaks your heart? What makes your head spin and your heart race? What are you doing to change the world? Why oh why? These range from 1/2 day workshops to full-week immersive vision quests.

  2. The YayStorm works in concert with immersing in your culture, products, services, materials, experiences, prototypes, plans and sundries. We’ll tease out the surprising stuff hiding in plain sight and peel back the layers of your wallpaper.

  3. And since your Yay doesn’t manifest in a vacuum, we move in close to meet and listen to the diverse people who make up your audience — we need to get them - where they are. where they want to go. where you can take them and what that means for them and you.

  4. We take it outside and look for the most important, interesting, perplexing or inspirational people, organizations and brands in or out of your space.

This is how we slow for the Yay zone along the winding road of revelation.

Strategy and Storytelling: Say Your Yay


Foundational, Meaningful, Uncomplicated, Uniquely You.

Purpose: why are you here on this earth?

Invitation: what are you inviting the world to do with you?

What do you do in a sentence?

Core tenets: what do you believe and value?

Vibe: the experience, feeling and tone you want to convey (and not convey)

Who is your audience that matters most? In multivariate dimensionality.

Value Proposition A positioning statement that’s easy to use and fun to say.

Yayifesto: your signature brand story and the rainbow bridge from Strategy to Storytelling.


Mantras are more soulful and fun than taglines (and could also be taglines). They come through the front and side doors of your strategy.

Headlines can work hand in hand with mantras, taglines and other stories.

Names: business, brand, idea, product, entity, movement.

Elevator Pitches are useful if we can’t get it all into a sentence.

Messaging and Content the myriad things we need to say.

Supporting Story Points: Pillars and reasons to believe.

Brand Words, Phrases, Hashtags: NamasYay #WakeUpAndSayYay

All the Abouts you could possibly need: Profiles, Bios. Whatever needs to be abouted. In the right number of characters with plenty of character.

Copywriting. Brainstorming. Blogging. Podcasting.
Q and A. FAQ. I do that too.


There will always be more to say.

As your story evolves, it will need continuity, consistency, additions. Check ups. Check ins. Refinements.
As you go further, you’ll want the yay you say to go there too.

I’ll be here whenever you need to take the Yay road home.