I believe lots of stuff (and these 5 things)


Your outer voice is somewhere out there on the dusty, tasty trail of stuff you say and do and feel and be.

We need to pay attention to the signs. And slow for the Yay zone.
Let’s follow the trail of breadcrumbs together. Kick up some dust. And leave a little bit behind.

You can show up before you’re ready — as long as you decide to show up before you’re ready.

You can get comfortable with getting uncomfortable and then get comfortable.
And uncomfortable.
The detours and cutoffs and darkness and in betweens are part of the adventure.
I’ll bring lots of light and plenty of snacks. 

On the path to understanding and clarity, you have to show up genuously and unabashedly as you.

It can be scary. And it takes several leaps of faith. To step outside yourself. To shed the layers.
And let the sun shine in.
I’ve been there. I’m still there. Right here. As me, with you, guiding you - through the bends, shakes and wakes.

Stories are meant to be told. And heard. And people are meant to be seen. 

Every trail is different. Even the same trail is different the next day. Or the very next moment.
To find your story, we’ll go deep and wide. Chase the sunshine. Take off our glasses. Wipe off our goggles. Step back.
Take another look. Take lots of breaks.
Whatever it it takes. To express the vista of the view of you.

We all need a little help from our friends. Trusted guides. Experts.

People who’ve gone there before (or somewhere akin to there). I’m your inside outside beginner’s
mind guide to your highest level of awesome. Your “friendspert.”
And I know and love a few more people who do different things to take you different places.
Simpatico soul sisters (mostly). A few good men. In the
Collective of Yay.