I create strategy
and storytelling that
expresses your Yay.

What’s Yay?
Your highest level of awesome. Your super power.
The essential need the world has that you fill.

I will:
Uncover your hidden gems and polish them into stories
yet untold.
Get you out of your head and off your treadmill.
Guide you into the eye of the hurricane and out of the storm.

I’ve been there hundreds of times in all kinds of conditions. Lost and found. I know there’s always a way out, a break through, an untrod trail.

I bring:
A genuous spirit and vibe to everything I do. Genuousity
is where revelation and clarity meet genuine curiosity.
It’s a convivial, forward-facing place.

Who are you?

I’m especially stoked when I can unite my super powers with other rad women running companies, enveloping sweet C Suites, challenging convention, doing it with and for other
rad women.

You are a woman or woman-friendly human, organization,
brand, team, collective, business. Or an empathetic sort, regardless of gender, tapped into your feminine side
(or feeling your way there).

You are shifting focus, rebranding, rethinking, relaunching, retooling, creating, concocting — venturing out into brave new worlds.

I will meet you where you are, bringing a decidedly different view (or two). I will see, hear, feel and understand you. So you can say you, as you. To the people that matters most to.

It is time to
Say Your Yay


Don't just take my word for it. I’ve done this before, once or twice.


"It's been an amazingly refreshing experience. You achieved a deep understanding of us in a short period of time – a spirit level connection of getting us – and translating that into little gems of phrases that make us feel so much."

/  Frances Hoover(was) Director of Institutional Advancement, The Philadelphia School (Currently Executive Director, Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse) /

"It’s brilliant brand strategists like Lisa who uncover, craft, cut and polish your brand so it shines. A rare mix of creative enthusiasm meets MBA, Lisa understands and can translate your business challenge into brand strategies that forge connections. Spend two minutes with her,
and you’ll know exactly what I mean." 

/  Scott Burke, Managing Director, Rec SF /